Color Obsession | Sky Blue

Ever since wearing this gorgeous Majorelle dress for my birthday last month, I've been loving baby blue pieces, especially dresses!

My Top 5 Work Wear Essentials

WEARING Zara blazer, Madewell T-shirt, J. Crew skirt, and Marc Fisher boots
Dressing stylishly for work can be tricky. You want to look cute and show off your personal style, but you have to do that within the limits of appropriate office dressing.

Trending | Wide Belts

Back in middle school, I was all about the wide belt. A patent leather belt, at least 3 inches wide, was the perfect accessory to give my outfit the chicness of a Hannah Montana extra and accentuate my nonexistent, middle schooler curves. And don't even get me started on my adoration for wide belts post-The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaway rocked the you-know-what out of those belted looks, and for such a long time I was sold that that was the epitome of fashionable accessorizing.

Shopping List | Army Jacket

If you live in LA and you consider yourself mildly cool (and even if you aren't either of those things) you need an army jacket. There's no better cool yet casual jacket style, and there are so many chic versions out there!

Trending | Corset Details

Corseting is typically reserved for undergarments, but designers are breaking all the rules these days. Case in point: I just wore a corset-detailed dress for Easter brunch. Not exactly boudoir material.