March 23, 2013

*Thank God It's Saturday!

Everybody is working for the weekend, they say, and now Kate Spade has given us something to work towards. The preppy-smart contemporary label has recently introduced Kate Spade Saturday, a diffusion lifestyle line that focuses on weekend favorites. Like the signature brand, Saturday features bold prints and bright colors and easy, comfortable, and oh-so-irresistible silhouettes. The best part- almost everything is under $200! 

The dresses are perfect for weekend errands, parties, and even weekday work ensembles, and the bold prints and colors will have all eyes on you. Youthful, playful, and stylish, I am going to have a hard time not buying the entire line! Especially because it is pretty reasonably priced, even for a college student!

Let Loose Dress; Shape-Shifter Dress; Sexy Back Dress

 The products are sleek but useful- especially the brilliant Weekender Bag, which is perfect for quick weekend getaways. The bag even contains a bottom compartment for your shoes! Genius! It also comes in a smaller version, which you can customize to make all your own!

The Weekender Bag; Half-Circle Bag; Bucket Bag

Beauty Talk: Braids

March 9, 2013

So I was one of those awful young girls who never knew how to do her own hair, but lately I've been making up for that! I used to not even know how to tie my hair up in a ponytail or style my own hair for events but I finally sucked it up and taught myself how to do all those things.

The final hair frontier for me, though, was braids.

To be entirely honest, up until a few months ago I considered myself completely inept with weaving my hair back and forth. For whatever reason the concept was quite challenging. I've mastered the standard braid over the past few months and have recently learned how to do a nice fishtail braid. French braids have proven to be the most difficult, but I am determined to teach myself the art of the French braid by the summer.

I think Shoshanna of Girls may have been the divine inspiration for my braid craze. That girl somehow pulls off the whackiest hairstyles and I love it. Absolutely love it.

Elsewhere, runways can't get enough of braids.

Top: Jeremy Scott; Honor
Bottom: Holly Fulton; Tory Burch

And celebrities love braids too!

Lucy Liu and Blake Lively rock the fishtail

Jennifer Lawrence experiments with braided up-dos 

Jennifer Aniston and Kerry Washington rock braided details

How do you feel about braids? Which techniques and styles are your faves?

Having a Moment: Beanies

March 5, 2013

Personally I am not the biggest fan of beanies -I'd much rather wear a knit beret- but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the moment in street style they are having right now.

I didn't quite realize the style power of the beanie until walking into LA's new Topshop store at the Grove -FINALLY! I may add- and seeing a whole wall full of beanies, knit in every possible color, some with cheeky words like "GEEK" and "I♥LA" written on them. My friend bought two to add to her already-large collection of knit caps.

It seems that everyone is a fan of the beanie trend, though, even street style stars. Especially street style stars. I swear, for every 5 pictures Tommy Ton took, at least one of them featured a beanie-sporting stylista.

all images by Tommy Ton for

Lindsey Loves: Cargo Jackets

March 4, 2013

Ever since I bought this cargo jacket from Anthropologie this past December I cannot get enough of it! The cargo jacket is as comfy as it is cool, as high-impact as it is laid-back. A paradox of sorts, maybe, but a welcome one.

Under the umbrella term of "cargo jacket" there lies a wide variety of options. Oversized, fitted, embroidered or embellished, olive green, beige, long, short...there are so many types of cargo jackets it almost makes it difficult to find just one!

I love that mine has little lace decals and a burgundy velvet trim that adds a touch of girliness, and the detachable hood is a perfect addition for a California girl who doesn't need to be too concerned with rain -though the hood is very handy in the rare occasion when we do get rain.

How to Style It
There are two ways I love to wear my cargo jacket. Usually I will either:
1. play with proportions and mix my oversized cargo jacket with slim leggings and a lightweighT-shirt
Olivia Palermo; source unknown;
2. clash pretty with tough and throw my jacket over a gauzy floral-print dress or fun, bright colors
All Blair Eadie from