What the Gossip Girl Characters Would Wear in 2016

July 29, 2016

Friendship and fashion goals

You know you love them!

Can you believe it's been almost four years since the absolutely bonkers final season of Gossip Girl??? Lol, remember when, after six years of anticipation and theorizing, they revealed that Dan was the man behind the infamous blog??? Yeah, I was disappointed too (hands up if you had your money on Dorota!) but despite some of the ridiculous plot points, GG was the television obsession of my formative years. No wonder I have such high standards of living and a taste for luxury!

One of the reasons why Gossip Girl was such a cultural phenomenon? The fashion. While highly unrealistic for most teenagers, even wealthy Upper East Siders (though who wouldn't want to wear Marchesa to their prom?), the clothes were incredibly influential and helped to shape the trending styles of the late 2000s and early 2010s. For me, Blair's polished preppy style was the ultimate in #OutfitGoals, and I bought loads of colored tights and headbands in attempts to channel her covetable look. On days when I was feeling more free spirited, I looked to the effortless Serena van der Woodsen for inspiration. And when I indulged in the rare rebellious outfit, Jenny Humphrey was my fashion muse. 

Of course, fashion has changed a bit since the show's premiere in 2007 (Yeah, that's right; Gossip Girl started almost ten years ago, back when I was in the eighth grade! Feel old yet?) and I often wonder what the iconic characters would wear if the show began in 2016. 

So here we go! What the Gossip Girl characters would wear for a 2016 reboot:

Blair Waldorf

Blair always had a penchant for Ivy League style. Luckily for the Queen B, the classic prep is cool again in 2016. Blair would gravitate towards brands like Gucci and Miu Miu that mix heritage style with quirky eccentricity. She would have Kon Mari'ed her wardrobe to only include neutrals and primary colors. Pearls would figure heavily into her outfits but in unique ways, like on the heel of a Gucci pump or on one of her iconic headbands.

In the social media age, Blair would use her Gossip Girl fame to launch a lifestyle website a la Goop or Draper James, with a classic UES edge. She'd be the master of the flatlay.

Shop More Picks for Blair:

Serena van der Woodsen

As the free spirited socialite of the bunch, Serena would be very much into the 90s resurgence of late, specifically the minimalist glam of Kate Moss & Co. Her fashion influences would be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Gigi Hadid, although let's be real, Gigi would probably end up being inspired by S. Slip dresses in blush tones, swinging capes, and cool, handmade jewelry would all be staples of the 2016 Serena wardrobe. She'd still ooze sex appeal in brands like Balmain and Cushnie et Ochs, but it would be a little more restrained than her previous obsession with showing off her cleavage.  

Serena would obviously enjoy social media stardum and become a 21st century It Model like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Blair would secretly compare followers with Serena and get annoyed every time Serena's follower count grew.

Shop Serena Essentials:

Jenny Humphrey

Jenny may not have been your favorite character on the show, but no doubt her style was unique. Who could have forgotten the episode where cheery, Blair-wannabe Jenny transformed to a racoon-eyed terror? Oh, Little J, we will never understand what happened to you. But I digress. Jenny would be pleased to see that her neo-punk style is all the rage again, with designers like Hedi Slimane and Alexander Wang featuring plenty of rock n' roll style. Jenny's wardrobe would feature a lot of Saint Laurent and Vetements, and of course, lots and lots of black. She'd be particularly excited about the return of the choker.

On the internet, Jenny would find her calling as a beauty vlogger. She would have every color of the Kylie Lip Kit and trade in her overdone eyeshadow for perfectly sculpted brows.

Shop Little J's Faves:

Which Gossip Girl character's style was your favorite?

Leather Jackets for Every Budget

July 28, 2016

Jane Bishop by Phil Oh for Vogue

So everyone can look like a badass!

If there's one thing I've learned from TV shows it is this: if you want your character to seem cool and badass, give them a leather jacket. Got a lone wolf detective with a tough side? Give them a leather jacket. How about an evil vampire on a fantasy show? You know where to go. So this fall, let us all look like TV badasses no matter our budget, and let's all wear leather jackets!

Because there are literally sooo many options out there, at every price point, faux and real, and so on, I've only included classic black leather jackets, but know that there are plenty of colors of jackets and ones with cool details like fringe and studs, too! One of my favorite tools to scour the web for the best pieces is ShopStyle, where you can look at hundreds of clothing sites at once to compare different styles and make sure you're getting the best price. I'm actually looking to add a leather jacket to my wardrobe and have been using the site to narrow down to a few options, especially since I don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money. It's good to know that there are plenty of options!

Here are some of my favorite leather jackets at every price point:

Under $100: H&M | Missguided | Topshop
Under $250: Y.A.S. | Mango | Nasty Gal
Under $500: Madewell | Maje | Muu Baa

Shop Leather Jackets:

Which leather jacket is your favorite?

Weekend Recap | Comic Con

July 25, 2016

Talk nerdy to me!

One thing about living in San Diego is that it's often treated as the lesser cousin of Los Angeles. Especially in the world of entertainment, SD just pales in comparison to Hollywood. But once a year, celebrities and eager fans descend upon America's Finest City for four days to celebrate the latest and greatest in film, television, video games, and comics. That's right, San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and with it, plenty of news about my favorite TV show, the Justice League and Wonder Woman (!!!) movies, Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and so much more.

Since it's just a ferry ride away from where I live, my friend Steph and I went down to check out all the cool exhibits and activities around the convention center. Even without badges, there was so much to do outside the convention center! Plus, seeing the Game of Thrones cast in Hall H would require camping outside overnight just to catch a glimpse of Sophie Turner's red hair, so I think we made the better decision.

Anyways, here are some of the cool things we saw!


The first day of Comic Con was full of excitement all around. We basically checked out all the outside exhibits. All the different networks were promoting new and returning shows, people were giving away free promotional materials, and there were even rides based on different shows and movies! We were bombarded by fsociety members and got to watch a live panel for the Screen Junkies Show (the guys who do Honest Trailers). I also freaked out over the adorable Hello Kitty food truck and the giant Powerpuff Girl balloons. 

Also, can I just say that I have a newfound respect for cosplayers? (P.S. those are the people who dress up in costumes like their favorite fictional characters) Not only are the costumes ridiculously creative and oftentimes very elaborate, but I was sweating in my little Star Wars T-shirt and skirt; I can't imagine how the Jon Snows and Catwomen walking around were able to withstand the heat. Props to you, cosplayers.

Isn't this Forever 21 shirt just perfect for the occasion?
Look! I'm magical!
The Hello Kitty Café truck and Powerpuff Girl installation!
Much needed fuel: the delicious San Diego fries from Barley Mash
Me and Hello Kitty looking pretty kawaii


Friday was even hotter so I prepared for the heat with French braid pigtails, a tank, and cutoffs. And I was still sweating, lol. Our main goal for the day was to see the Game of Thrones exhibit, where they set up an interactive Hall of Faces where you could actually ADD YOUR FACE to the Hall of Faces!!! So cool. The two-hour wait was totally worth it. PLUS we got to sit in the Iron Throne. Just call me the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms!

Day Two's look (so obsessed with chokers and bolo ties rn)
Arya's season six costume and Daenerys's gorgeous dragon necklace (which you can actually buy!)
Sorry for stabbing you, Steph 😆
Look! I'm in the Hall of Faces! Right next to my girl Melisandre
Bow down to your queen

Shop My Comic Con Outfits:

 What was the most exciting news you heard out of Comic Con? Share in the comments!

Trending | Starry Eyed

July 20, 2016

Ashley Benson at Coachella wearing Lovers + Friends dress via Celeb Mafia

Why not wear a constellation?

Today I walked into Forever 21 in search of cute rompers and a Star Wars T-shirt (no luck on the rompers, I think I'm too tall for a lot of F21 stuff, but I have a retro tee ready for Comic Con festivities downtown) and a gorgeous dress caught my eye. It was simple, black with white stars all over, and I was in love. Yes, like the romper it was a bit too short for my tall frame, BUT it fit really well and I just adored the idea of a star print dress. So I perused ShopStyle to see if there were similar, tall-friendly dresses out there. Turns out, star prints are kind of a thing!

I love the idea of wearing a star print blouse or shift dress, since it's a fun, work-appropriate print that's a bit more unique than the simple polka dot. For those of you who love statement denim, Stella McCartney has a whole line of star print denim, and if you're a more casual dresser, there are plenty of stellar printed tees out there.

Huh, I just realized the irony of me looking for a Star Wars shirt and finding a bunch of star print things. Definitely the theme of the day!

Shop Star Prints:

Which piece is your favorite?

Get the Taylor Swift Look

July 18, 2016

Wearing Talula for Aritzia dress

That red lip classic.

First things first, wow, I did not realize this weekend would be the Official Bashing of Taylor Swift weekend and omg (to quote a certain Yeezus) "that shit CRAY". But let's ignore the drama for now and focus on the clothing, shall we? Don't worry, I'm working on another post regarding the whole ordeal as we speak, or, as you read.

Taylor Swift has been known to go through different style phases, and after a while of experimenting with edgier fashions she has appeared to revert back to her usual style of red lips, cute frocks, and prim handbags. Yeah, there's also plenty of drama over her relationship, but let's save that talk for the tabloids and focus instead on how to get her truly adorable style.

There are several steps to attaining ultimate T-Swift style, so follow along and you will never go out of style either!

1. Know where to shop.

Wearing Reformation dress
One thing I love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she wears a variety of brands and some of them are actually decently affordable for the average person! One of her favorite stores? The Reformation, aka the source of her cute frocks and sun dresses. 

2. Find that perfect shade of lipstick

Would Taylor Swift really be Taylor Swift without her signature red lip? She dedicated a whole album to her lipstick, after all! Okay, that may or may not have been the inspiration for Red, but she's got a thing for a crimson pout, so pucker up!

3. Pick a proper purse.

The proper placement of a purse, according to Taylor Swift, is in the crook of the elbow, so it's important to find a handbag with a stiff top handle that can be toted around on the forearm. Here are my recommendations:

4. Surround yourself with fashionable friends.

Famous friends include Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, and Karlie Kloss
Swift's squad is a phenomenon in and of itself. From supermodels to A-list celebs to childhood besties, Taylor Swift knows how to keep good company. Not only do they come together for Pinterest-worthy 4th of July parties and create a bazillion adorable Instagrams together, but they also serve as style inspiration for Swift. You didn't think T-Swift heard about Vetements on her own, did you? 

5. Accessorize with a handsome movie star.

Wearing Reformation two-piece
Okay, truth be told, I was obsessed with Tayvin so I'm sad they're broken up (or are they?) but I will admit that Hiddleswift makes for a cute couple too, albeit quickly-moving one. And their world tour romance gives Taylor plenty of opportunities to show off her newest outfits. So go ahead, find your nearest Marvel movie star and reel him in for optimum photo opportunities. 

Shop Taylor-Approved Pieces:

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift's classic style?

Shopping List | Embroidered Jean Jacket

July 17, 2016

Gucci embroidered jean jacket via ASOS

Because plain denim is sooo 2015.

Embroidered jean jackets are hardly anything new, but since Gucci and Valentino have embraced the trend, embroidery has been literally everywhere. As an avid fan of the jean jacket (I don't know what I did before I found my trusty Madewell one!) I'm a supporter on this unique twist on a wardrobe classic. Embroidery is like a tattoo for clothes, and the designs range from the quirky and sassy to the personalized.

My dream embroidered jacket? Lots of flowers and a unicorn jumping over a rainbow, maybe. This Alexander McQueen one comes pretty close, though it's a little pricey. Maybe I'll DIY my dream jacket!

Shop Embroidered Jean Jackets:

Is this a trend you're eager to try? Share how you would style an embroidered jean jacket in the comments!

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

July 15, 2016

Decked out in Topshop via Nordstrom

The best sale of the year is here!

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, friends! I'm sure you've seen a dozen posts on the #NSale, but come on, the deals are just too good this year! I'm talking Stuart Weitzman boots for under $500, pretty lacy Free People bralettes as far as the eye can see, and enough discounted denim to make a Levi's factory envious. Plus, unlike other sales, these items are brand new, and they aren't just the funky leftovers that inhabit most sale racks. These are fashionable, timeless autumn pieces that will keep you looking chic well into 2017.

So, what's on The Fashion Barbie's Anniversary Sale wish list? I'm looking for stylish staples that will elevate my look from college girl to career woman. A classic camel coat from DvF will go with absolutely everything, and I'm adoring the feminine-chic look of this Frame bowtie blouse (paired with their also on-sale straight-leg jeans, of course). Vince Camuto has the work-appropriate leopard print purse of my dreams, and I've been lusting over the perfect cool girl hat for a while now; at $29, this Hinge topper will do the trick quite nicely.

See the rest of my Anniversary Sale favorites below!

My Anniversary Sale Picks:

Diane von Furstenberg coat | Frame blouse | Illesteva glasses | Stuart Weitzman boots
Hinge dress and hat | Frame jeans | Vince Camuto purse | Halogen flats
If you're a Nordstrom Rewards member, get to shopping! If not, the Anniversary Sale begins on July 22nd and ends August 7th

What are you hoping to score at the Anniversary Sale?

Shopping List | Tibi Shoes

July 13, 2016

Tibi Sofie feathered flats via S Magazine

The smartest-looking shoes around

If your style tends towards that of the sculptural minimalist, then no doubt you're a fan of Tibi. The contemporary brand is always a favorite of bloggers—that one off-the-shoulder top has been everywhere—but as of late it's Tibi's shoes that are blowing up.

From fur-covered loafers and slides to modern boots and sandals, I am totally obsessed with all the Tibi shoes right now. They're statement-makers without being over-the-top, and as someone who physically cannot wear super high heels, I love the fact that they make low heels totally stylish. For summer, the furry sandals are a must-have, and for fall, there are plenty of cool boots to choose from. The hardest part is deciding which ones!

Shop Tibi Shoes:

Which pair is your favorite?

Style Crush | Bella Hadid

July 11, 2016

Style runs in the family.

Gigi may be the one you're more familiar with, but younger sis Bella Hadid is making a name for herself with some very cool street style. She also just walked in a bunch of couture shows, including Chanel, Christian Dior, and Fendi, so clearly Gigi isn't the only Hadid with the modelling bug!

Bella's personal style is very trendy-cool and easy for others to replicate. She's a big fan of skin-hugging bodysuits, bomber jackets, and denim in all shapes and forms. Give her a piece with a 90s vibe and a sexy-yet-laidback feel, and she'll be happy! Plus, she knows how to rock her natural pout and a power ponytail like no other. Chic indeed!

See some of my favorite looks of Bella's, and then how to get the look for yourself!

Bella's Best Looks:

Get the Bella Hadid Look:

What do you think of Bella Hadid's style?

The Best Affordable Finds Right Now!

July 9, 2016

Can you believe this dress is only $25? Buy it here

Fashion shouldn't have to cost a fortune!

Yes, I may obsess over couture and write reviews like I was sitting front row, but it's not like I live my life in one-of-a-kind Chanel gowns. No, I'm just your average unemployed girl (hey, I literally just graduated, give me some time on the whole job thing!) with a love of fashion and a lack of money. Ugh, life is hard.

Luckily, there are options out there for girls on a budget! So I've rounded up some cute pieces out there that are all $50 or under. Talk about style steals!

Shop Affordable, Fashionable Pieces:

This sweater has a quirky Gucci vibe to it ASOS cable knit sweater with ruffles $49
Let your hat do the talking B.P "Come Sail Away" hat $26
Denim mini skirts are totally making a comeback ASOS denim high waisted mini skirt with raw hem $41
Perfect for picnics or the workplace! Maison Jules sleeveless gingham dress $49
A cute and summery purse! Kimchi Blue straw mini crossbody $30
The bomber is the jacket of the moment. Missguided lightweight zip bomber $48
Add bling to your bag with these colorful pom poms! Misa lucja pom pom bag charm $28
Slip dresses are a versatile look for a night out Out From Under stardust slip $29
I love the animal print for a unique touch! Soludos haircalf espadrille sandals $44
I have this top and wear it literally all the time Project Social T lace-up top $24
Another thing I'm obsessed with? Adding scarves to my outfits always Urban Outfitters silk square scarf $14
Comfortable, work appropriate mules for a good price? Yes, please! Topshop duel mule sandals $48
Off-the-shoulder + tropical print = the best summer top! Topshop blush floral bardot top $50

Shop More Affordable Pieces:

Which budget-friendly buy is your favorite?