Please Stop, Fashionable Ladies

May 24, 2012

Milla Jovovich; Kristen Stewart; Anja Rubik; Jada Pinkett-Smith; Jessie J

See a trend in the images above? The hottest posing trend since Tyra added "Smize" (Smize? Smeyes?) to the dictionary, The Angelina has inspired a string of immitations. It was vaguely amusing when Angelina first did it because everything she does is so overly-dramatic, but ever since Anja Rubik tried her hand at the pose and exposed the most terrifying hip bone ever seen, I've been begging the fashion gods for this terrible trend to STOP! 

At Cannes, everyone from stylish Milla Jovovich to America's Scowler Kristen Stewart to even British Niki Minaj Jessie J (Of the bunch, Jessie J certainly looks the best and much more glamorous than usual). Look, ladies, I don't mind if you want to wear a slit and show off how well you shaved your legs this morning, but when I have hard proof that you aren't wearing any underwear beneath your gown (I'm looking at you, Rubik!) it's time to stop poppin' the leg and retire the now-infamous Angelina. It had a good run, but please, for the love of all that is fashionable, STOP POSING.

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