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July 23, 2012

The Teen Choice Awards were held yesterday and because I myself am a teenager and frankly because some of these outfits are downright hilarious, I am going to do the rundown of the best -and worst- of the night. My advice to most of these girls: if I were a teen starlet with dozens of designer frocks to choose from, well, I'd be picking better looks. Just sayin'

Nina Dobrev is perhaps the best-dressed of the teen set. She wowed in this ocean-hued asymmetrical dress and kept the hair and makeup simple. The dress speaks for itself and she looks positively glowing. Nina, you should hold a seminar on how to dress when you are young and famous.

Lea Michele looks great in this Versace dress. While it is maybe a bit too clubby for the venue, I think it beats some of her more dramatic get-ups. More than anything she looks like she's having fun, and I am a sucker for that metallic brocade. Lea also chose to keep the makeup to a minimum, which gives her a sun-kissed look that I love.

I don't know who Holland Roden is, but her Alice + Olivia dress is to-die-for! I love her hair, too.

On anyone else this look could have gone drastically wrong, but on Kat Graham it works. The vibrant print is awesome on her and she has the attitude to wear such a bold dress. I only wish she had worn sandals instead of pumps. I'm just not a fan of sky-high pumps.

I get it, Vanessa Marano, you're trying to be edgy. Unfortunately, those shoes are atrocious, and they are not doing anything for your legs. Calf-length boots are seldom flattering when your legs are more than an inch in diameter. Even ankle boots would have worked better, or maybe if she had worn a fit-and-flare dress. I do like the dress, though, and the eye-catching gold zipper. 

My fellow Trojan Miranda Cosgrove looked great in a shimmering metallic dress (though again the shoes are just not cutting it for me). And is it just the lighting or is she trying out the ombre hair? Haven't we seen enough of that from celebrities?

Oh god, Demi Lovato, what are we going to do with you? I hate how musicians (if we can call Demi that) are all trying to out-crazy one another with the awful outfits, like they need to cover up for the fact that their music stinks. This dress is awful. It would look awful even on a model because it is ugly. I don't care if it is daring or wild, it is hideous and you should burn it. Your hair is stupid and my god, STOP BEING BLONDE! Does anyone remember how adorable Demi Lovato was when she first started out on Camp Rock? Go back to that, Demi. Go back to looking sweet and cute and normal because these awful outfits have me worrying for your sartorial health. 

I love, love, LOVE this look! Chelsea Kane wore those fabulous Alice + Olivia shorts that I've been keeping tabs on and wore a simple ivory and cake batter top. She made the look pop with cobalt Louboutins (okay, the pumps work here) and kept her makeup natural. This is how people should dress.

Selena Gomez, another repeat offender of the ombre hair movement. Hair issues aside I love this look. The dress is so positively Barbie that I wish it was in my closet, and I love the white sandals. Selena may be short but she knows how to make her legs look miles long.

Victoria Justice rocked the mullet dress and I think it is perfect for her. My only advice would be drop the weird-looking belt. Is it bedazzled?

No, no, no, no, no! From the thumbnails I thought this was Jil Zarin! But no, it's Debby Ryan, who is probably only a year or two older than me, wearing a really unfortunate dress. Again, I get that these girls are attracted by something wild and eye-catching, but if it doesn't look good it ain't worth it! I hate the fit of it and the length. I just, ugh...

Aria on Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite TV fashionistas, so thank goodness Lucy Hale is too! I love this sunburst dress with the cool but sleek neckline and her side braid! The gold accessories really work for me, too. Overall, a winning look, which is good, because Hale took home a coveted surfboard for Best Drama TV Actress!

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Ashley Benson, also a Pretty Little Liar. The hair is okay but the outfit is, oh dear. It doesn't fit and it isn't flattering! Had the bustier gone into a twirl skirt it would have been alright, but she chose to pair it with horrible pants that make her look heavier than she really is! Once again a daring option, but girls, if it doesn't look good, it doesn't work! It's THAT SIMPLE.

I'd say Nina Dobrev took the title of best dressed, and Ashley Benson and Demi Lovato tied for worst dressed. Thank you, Niki Minaj, for pressuring celebrities into wearing tacky outfits for the hell of it. I blame you for Demi's disaster of a dress! Who did you think deserved the title of best dressed and who should have stayed home?

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