NYFW FALL 2013: the circle of life

February 15, 2013

Because my invitation to Marc Jacob's Fall 2013 Presentation got lost in the mail (hahah get it that was funny) I settled for pulling up style.com's live stream of the show, which frankly was probably better than actually being there because, um, Anna Wintour can't eat pita chips and paint her nails in the front row like I can. But seriously, there was no better way to spend this Valentine's Day afternoon than watching my one true love -fashion, duh. But let's get to the show.

Anna wishes she had it this good

So while waiting for the show to start, my initial thoughts were as follows: circles. Circle of Life. Lion King. I'm sorry, you can't show a huge orange-yellow sun ever since that movie without me thinking "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba" and I'm pretty sure everyone else was thinking it too.

But as the crowd quieted and the music started up (and Elton John was nowhere to be heard) I realized -with some disappointment, as a Lion King-inspired collection by Marc would be a sight to see- that this was not a collection based in the African Savanna. Instead it was a rather punk rock feel, as it often is with Marc, with the models all sporting spiky black pixie cuts and thick eyeliner.

However, it didn't seem like Marc's "Girl" was a wild punk rocker out on the town. Rather, it was as if a former groupie had decided to change her ways, start a new life and become a secretary or something tame and calm, only to revert back to her ways one night. Or the jaded girl finally waking up and recognizing that something needed to change in her life. You see, the models wavered between decently-modest pencil skirts and oversized button-down shirts and sweaters covering their otherwise bare bodies. Others still walked in oversize coats that seemed modest enough, until you noticed that they were clutching their bags close to their bodies and the second they removed their hands the coat would come completely undone.

Lily McMenamy (almost) bares it all
Perhaps the most jarring moment of the show was when model Lily McMenamy strutted out with just a pair of high-waisted pin-stripe shorts, heels, and fishnet gloves covering her bare upper body. As with all the models, she starred only at the path before her, looking slightly afraid and slightly bored, but with a strong sense of purpose in her walk and in her expression.

That was the moment in which it became clear to me:

walk of shame. 

the morning after.

waking up.

This was the show. This was why there was a giant sun presiding over the runway. It's the girl waking up after a night of possibly regrettable decisions, feeling like maybe she had made some bad choices, but accepting her actions and owning them.

It was a strong and empowering statement, the woman who made sometimes bad choices but who lived and who really did own her actions. It's the Marc Jacobs Girl, and she's someone I wouldn't mind being.

The modest Marc Jacobs girl

The morning after- undone, oversized, and open
The evening looks- glamorous, with plenty of sparkle and starlet-style furs

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