Lindsey Loves: Cargo Jackets

March 4, 2013

Ever since I bought this cargo jacket from Anthropologie this past December I cannot get enough of it! The cargo jacket is as comfy as it is cool, as high-impact as it is laid-back. A paradox of sorts, maybe, but a welcome one.

Under the umbrella term of "cargo jacket" there lies a wide variety of options. Oversized, fitted, embroidered or embellished, olive green, beige, long, short...there are so many types of cargo jackets it almost makes it difficult to find just one!

I love that mine has little lace decals and a burgundy velvet trim that adds a touch of girliness, and the detachable hood is a perfect addition for a California girl who doesn't need to be too concerned with rain -though the hood is very handy in the rare occasion when we do get rain.

How to Style It
There are two ways I love to wear my cargo jacket. Usually I will either:
1. play with proportions and mix my oversized cargo jacket with slim leggings and a lightweighT-shirt
Olivia Palermo; source unknown;
2. clash pretty with tough and throw my jacket over a gauzy floral-print dress or fun, bright colors
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