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September 8, 2013

Ah, autumn. What a lovely time of year. I write this as I anxiously await USC's first home football game of the season, all decked out in my Alpha Chi gameday gear and ready to kick some Washington State butt. Granted, it is still 90+ degrees here in Los Angeles on this scorching September Saturday, but no matter, football means fall (and here at USC, fall means football).

On the opposite coast, however, a new season is already beginning. I'm talking about the start of New York Fashion Week, of course, where many collections for Spring 2014 have already debuted. Fashion moves pretty fast, and it's funny to see clothes for next summer already being displayed when this year's summer has scarcely come to a close (why, here in LA it feels as if it has only just begun, temperature-wise!) but so far I've been loving the collections in New York - if only we didn't have to wait 6 months to wear them!

There is something so beautiful about a well-executed monochromatic look. Chadwick Bell's spring 2014 collection was geometric minimalism at its best. Each look is at once effortless and impeccably thought-out and everything is very, very cool. And can we all just agree that the rectangular mini skirt with sheer maxi underneath is the greatest thing in the history of the earth?

The theme of spring 2014 seems to be black and white and not a whole lot else. Ordinarily I would be thoroughly disappointed by the lack of saturation in the collections, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised by the season's black and white turn. As evidenced with Helmut Lang's clothes, the lack of color allows designers to really focus on shapes and textures. And the result thus far has been wonderful.

Of course, the runways weren't entirely devoid of color, and Prabal Gurung was an excellent example of a show full of vibrant, almost electric pastels (if such a thing makes sense!). Gurung was inspired by the elegant mid-century woman, and Marilyn Monroe in particular. I love his bold combinations of prints and colors, and that off-the-shoulder electric blue dress is pure fashion gold.

Similarly, Tanya Taylor was not afraid to inject a little rainbow into her clothing, but did it in a sophisticated, silhouette-based way that reflected the mood of New York Fashion Week thus far. Hits of rainbow stripes and punchy florals clearly skewed toward spring, but there were more subdued looks that could be worn any time of the year. I hope the floral-and-navy panel dress (second from the left) makes a fabulous red carpet appearance.

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