Shopping in San Diego Just Got Better!

April 7, 2014

I may reside in Los Angeles during the school year, but San Diego is and always will be home. It's a truly beautiful city and no matter how busy I get or how crazy life in LA is, I can always count on San Diego to give me peace and serenity in the form of glorious rays of sunshine and fabulous shopping

If San Diego is my home, then Fashion Valley is my oasis. So many favorite memories of the gorgeous mall, so many great purchases made. It's because of Fashion Valley that I didn't realize indoor malls actually existed until middle school, and it was there that I cultivated my own personal style. In a sense I grew up there - I transitioned from Roxy-wearing elementary schooler to sassy Abercrombie middle schooler (oh, those were dark days) to full-fledged fashionista, all with the help of Fashion Valley. I really owe a lot to the place and whenever I make a trek home you know that I'll be stopping by.

So imagine my excitement when a representative of Curator PR (who oversees public relations for Fashion Valley) gave me the awesome news that Fashion Valley was introducing a few new stores this year (as if I needed more reasons to go!).

Looks from Free People's March 2014 Catalog

Among the new additions: Free People and AllSaints, both brands that you know I love! This will be the first standalone AllSaints store in San Diego or Orange Counties and you can be sure that it's going to look beautiful. 

PINK of Victoria's Secret is also getting it's own standalone store, which will allow the preexisting Victoria's Secret to expand, and workout mavens beware, because lululemon is finally coming to Fashion Valley. Maybe if I get a pair of "wunder unders" I'll actually be motivated to work out? Who knows.

Anyways, I am totally stoked for all these new additions to my favorite hometown mall. AllSaints opened this past weekend and the rest of the stores are set to open within the year, so get your credit cards ready and I'll see you there!

Looks from AllSaints Spring 2014


  1. I can't wait to make my way to Fashion Valley! (:

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