Looking Great Rain or Shine

May 30, 2014

Looks from the Burberry Prorsum Resort 2015 collection
When you've found a winning formula, why deviate from it? Christopher Bailey and the design team at Burberry Prorsum have breathed new life into the calf-length pencil skirt, which was once old-fashioned and matronly but is now youthful and sexy. Trench coats, pencil skirts, and day dresses all hit perfectly at mid-shin, but an inventive use of textile, pattern, and dye kept this resort collection fresh.

As spelled out in the book-like illustrations that adorned tops, skirts, and dresses, the theme of the collection seemed to be "Rain or Shine". As the heritage British fashion house, Burberry celebrates all facets of British culture and history, including the country's famed rainy weather. But really, would Burberry have been as successful as a fashion house in England if not for the rain? Their staple is the trench coat, after all, otherwise known as the classic rain coat. 

The resort collection featured plenty of looks for rainy weather, but also plenty of looks for the sunshine. The dip-dye effect made it look as if rain and water had seeped through some of the clothes, and the overall color palette was of earthy tones, further referencing nature and weather as inspiration.

Burberry has perfected their look and their design, so you know these looks are going to be a hit as soon as they arrive in stores.

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