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November 24, 2014

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Rarely do I meet a sparkle or sequin I don't like. I'm a fashion magpie, basically. So when I see a new and fun way to add a little glitter to my getup, I go for it.

Saint Laurent made my dreams come true with a fall runway show full of sparkling boots and Mary-Janes, and a plethora of other designers has followed suit and presented their own versions of the disco boot. The most popular style seems to be a flat or low-heel ankle boot, but other designers have opted for taller boots or even combat-style lace-up shoes.

If you are looking for a statement piece to wear to a New Year's Eve party or other festive soiree, a pair of sequined boots will do the trick nicely. And another cool thing: when wearing a pair of eye-catching shoes, the rest of your outfit can be simple and minimalistic, as Gilda Ambrosio styled her pink Saint Laurent pair.

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