The Girls of 2014 — No. 7

December 20, 2014

Dior Couture | Dior | Dior | Dior | Dior Couture | Jason Wu
If 2013 was the Year of J-Law, then 2014 was the year that she ensured her lasting power as a style icon. With a fresh new bob, a lustworthy Christian Dior Couture wardrobe, and a slew of blockbuster films, Lawrence is certainly here to stay.

What did 2014 bring for Jennifer Lawrence? Mockingjay: Part I and X-Men: Days of Future Past meant plenty of red carpet opportunities for America's most relatable actress. She stunned at Cannes (the Dior crop top outfit is one of my favorite looks of hers, beating poofy ball gowns and other more dramatic red carpet looks) and has shown she has great style even when she's just running errands.

In the next year, Lawrence has starring roles in Serena alongside Bradley Cooper in addition to the final installment of the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay: Part II. But fear not! Katniss's journey may be coming to a close, but the 24-year-old starlet is just getting started! We're going to be seeing Lawrence's lasting starpower and fashion prowess for a long, long time.

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  1. Hi sister!! Found your blog randomly on google. Love finding sisters with the same interest! P.s JLaw couldn’t be more perfect! Great Post !
    Love from Miami xx - Des


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