Your Guide to Winter Skincare

January 9, 2015

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By the time January rolls around, my skin usually feels so dry that I feel like it's about to fall off. It's frustrating because with my breakout-prone skin you'd think drying out would be a good thing, but in the wintertime my skin goes to drastic extremes that aren't good for anyone. Therefore, I must be proactive about switching up my skincare regime in the chillier months so my skin doesn't feel like a flaky croissant. 

The key? Moisturizer. Shocking, right? But really, adding moisture and hydration wherever you can is key to fighting off dry skin. 

Below are some of my favorite makeup products that I rely on in winter and how I go about my beauty regime during winter.

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Lips: You shouldn't have to forgo bright, bold lips just because your lips are flaking. I always carry a tube of Burt's Bees chapstick in my purse but during wintertime I am even more reliant on it. Lipsticks and glosses can dry out your lips even more, and since I am a fan of colorful lipsticks I know I need to supplement with plenty of moisturizing balm. Once or twice a week, apply a sugar scrub to clear away any flakiness. Your lips will feel smooth and kissable!

Face: During wintertime I'm not afraid to double up on moisturizer. In the morning I start out by applying a luxe moisturizer from Clarins (with anti-aging benefits, too!) on my face and neck. Then, I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer to clear away redness and even my skin tone. I'll powder my nose and chin to get rid of any lingering redness but try to keep the powders to a minimum. At night I use hydrating cleansers and gel masks like this Fresh hydrating gel cream in order to make sure my skin is always feeling fresh and moisturized.

Hair: I know, I know, dry shampoo seems counterintuitive when battling dryness, but hear me out. Because it's so dry out I usually only wash my hair twice a week during the winter, and I usually avoid blow drying it since that strips your hair of even more moisture. A spritz of dry shampoo (I highly recommend Drybar's wonderfully-smelling "Detox" dry shampoo) keeps your hair looking voluminous and smooth in between washes. 

Body: Never underestimate the power of a good lotion! Hands, elbows, legs, etc. Your body will thank you for keeping it smooth and soft. Nothing beats L'Occitane lotion, another go-to that I always try to keep in my purse.

What are your wintertime beauty go-tos? 

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