Is This the New TV Fashion Obsession?

September 24, 2015

Emma Roberts as KKT sorority president and HBIC Chanel Oberlin in Fox's Scream Queens
I'm not really one for horror movies (I couldn't watch Halloweentown all the way through until I was like, ten) but give me a horror-comedy television show that takes place in a sorority and stars Emma Roberts as a bitchy girl named Chanel, and I'm already hooked! Scream Queens is as outrageous and campy as one would expect, and I am all about it. (But seriously, check out the two-hour pilot if you haven't already)

The characters are silly and over-the-top, and I love the distinct style of Ryan Murphy shows (voiceovers, cool camera shots, and quick-witted quips, check!), but what gets me really going is the fabulous style of the Chanels (Chanel Oberlin refers to all of her minions as "Chanel" because memorizing their names is sooo below her). Dressed in 90s-tinged pastel tweed skirtsuits and an absurd amount of fur—not that I'm complaining, but seriously, I've never seen so much pink fur in my life—the Chanels are the Plastics meets Clueless meets a ladies-who-lunch wardrobe. The forced cutesy style of the Chanels, of course, undercuts their ruthlessness. These girls are downright horrible, and one of them *SPOILER* straight-up murders a woman in the pilot (possibly two? She claims both were accidents, we'll see).

Evil or not, the girls dress to kill (pastel has never seemed so devious!) and boy is it great. Chanel #3 wears earmuffs for some unexplained reason, Ariana Grande's character Chanel #2 dresses like a preppy space alien, and OG Chanel Oberlin rocks pastel gloves and oversized sunglasses like no other.

I'd place bets that dressing as the Chanels will be a big group costume trend this Halloween. Evil sorority girl murdering aside, we should aspire to dress like the Chanels; just maybe don't, you know, aspire to be like them.

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What are your thoughts on Scream Queens' outrageous fashions?

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