The Fashion Force Awakens

December 18, 2015

In honor of what could be the biggest movie release of the decade (aka Star Wars: The Force Awakens), I thought it would be fun to celebrate all the best intergalactic fashions of the Star Wars films. These movies have been incredibly influential for a lot of fashion designers, from the Mulleavy sisters at Rodarte to Hood by Air (more on Star Wars' fashion influences here and here).

The costumes from the original trilogy are simple but incredibly iconic: you can't say "Princess Leia" without immediately conjuring up an image of her classic cinnamon bun hairdo, and is there a more easily-recognizable villain look than that of Darth Vader? I think not.

The prequel trilogy, for all of its pitfalls, stepped up the fashion game with the introduction of Queen Amidala. As an intergalactic royal, her costumes were inspired by geisha culture and ancient Chinese empresses. It may border on cultural appropriation in some instances, but they were pretty cool outfits, not gonna lie. 

So here are my favorite fashion moments from the films so far!

The Best Moments in Star Wars Fashion

Is it really a Star Wars fashion recap without the most iconic buns in cinematic history?
Luke Skywalker really rocked the Yeezy Season 2-style minimalism before it was even a thing
Say what you want about the prequels, but Queen Amidala had the most incredible fashion sense
TBH every hairdo of Princess Leia's is iconic, including this milkmaid halo braid
These geisha-inspired costumes were perfect for a chic intergalactic queen
Darth Vader knew the importance of a signature look, and black really complimented his complexion
Note to self: have matching handmaidens flanking me at all times #SquadGoals 
The whole "Slave Leia" thing was always really weird and problematic, BUT she did own the bikini look
Rey, one of the protagonists from the newest film, already making her mark in a simple nude wrap tunic that Haider Ackermann would fawn over

Who's your favorite Star Wars style star?

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