Vacation Recap (Part I) | Lake Tahoe

March 21, 2016

Looking out over the lake
Wearing J. Crew sweater
As I mentioned in my last post, I've been away from the blog all week because I've been on spring break! It's been great to take a week off from school, writing, and all the craziness of senior year to just relax and have some serious fun with friends.

For my final real spring break, I did a two-parter trip: for the first half of the week, Lake Tahoe; for the second half, Las Vegas! Today I'm going to talk about my Tahoe experience (check back tomorrow for Vegas craziness!!!)

The best start to any road trip? In-N-Out, duh!
Wearing J. Crew T-shirt
Bright and early on Saturday morning, my friends and I piled into a car and headed up the 5 towards Lake Tahoe. Of course we had to stop at In-N-Out, because really, is any California roadtrip complete without those iconic burgers?

The drive wasn't too bad, and though we did hit some rain coming into Sacramento, we managed to avoid the snowstorm rolling in! Of course, that storm continued all through Sunday, so our first day of skiing at Heavenly was cut a little short due to cold, windy conditions and nonstop snow. Seriously guys, I have learned that I am a total spring skier. I like my slopes sunny and groomed, but it was interesting to try and ski through fresh-falling snow. But yeah, I was happy to call it an early day and spend the rest of the afternoon drinking hot chocolate with Baileys.

Wearing Minkpink coat, Juicy Couture vest, Madewell sweater, sunglasses, and jeans, Rebecca Minkoff purse, C. Wonder boots 
The spring break squad, aka the TaHoes
Don't tell me there's  such a thing as "too many carbs"
Because high wind conditions were supposed to carry over into Monday, we decided to take the day off from skiing and explore the town of South Lake Tahoe. It's kind of cool because technically one half is in California and the other half is in Nevada, so as soon as you cross the state line there's all these casinos. In fact, the Heavenly ski resort has terrain on both sides, so you can literally ski from one state to another!

Anyways, we went down by the lake and then went beer tasting at Cold Water Brewery in town. If you ever find yourself there, I highly recommend the Tahoe Loaf, which is basically a huge loaf of sourdough bread with ooey gooey delicious melted cheese dip (but be warned, you need a few people to eat it; there were six of us and we struggled!) and also all the beer was great.

Snacks with a view
Seriously, this place is too beautiful
Wearing J. Crew sweater
On Tuesday we drove out to Kirkwood ski resort, which is a bit further out but definitely worth the drive! Because it's away from the Lake, there are less people (I don't think I waited in a single chairlift line) and there are some truly great runs. If you're an advanced skier, the backside of the mountain is incredible, and you can't miss out on The Wall, Kirkwood's famous double-black run with a very accurate name. I wasn't looking to hurt myself so I avoided that area, lol.

Also, shoutout to my friend Michael and his family for hosting us at their cabin! Having a lovely place to stay and plenty of food to eat was so clutch, and just look at the views we got! But yeah, thank goodness I was skiing hard everyday or else I would have gained like ten pounds from all the food we ate (and alcohol we drank...hey, it is spring break!)

Pro Tip: if you have hair that tangles easily like me, braided pigtails are your friend! Also, don't I rock the goggles look?
There's a reason they call this place "Heavenly"
For the last day we went back to Heavenly, and boy does that resort live up to its name! It was so weird to see how different it looked from Sunday, when you could barely see ten feet ahead of you because it was snowing so hard, to Wednesday, when it was crystal clear and actually a little warm by the afternoon. We got another full day of skiing in since our flight to Vegas wasn't until 7:30 that night, and needless to say I was exhausted by the end of the day! But it was all worth it for some great skiing and great company!

What did you do for spring break this year? And don't forget to check back for Part II tomorrow!


  1. I love how the snow looks so pink with that filter! I wish there was pink snow in real life! LOL

    1. OMG, pink snow = the dream! Thanks for reading, Meghan!


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