What I Wore | Summer Brights

May 10, 2017

Don't be scared of rocking some bright color!

Sometimes I think how easy it would be to be one of those people who only wears like, one color, or only neutrals. Everything goes with everything, you don't stress out about matching colors, and you always look so cool and effortless. And then...I see a rainbow floral dress.

Yes, as much as I admire others for their ability to stick to a muted color palette, I myself will never be one of those people. I love bright colors, from bubbly pinks to electric blues, too much. And honestly, the more color the better!

Take this fantastic Zara dress for example: it's super flattering, floral-print, AND rainbow. Basically, Fashion Barbie kryptonite. I love colorful dresses like this one for summer, and I plan on wearing it all the time. Expect to see it a lot on Instagram! And if you're ready to test out some bold color this summer, check out Zara because there are tons of colorful options right now, and a lot of their items are under $50!


Zara dress
J. Crew sandals
Chanel backpack
Vintage sunnies

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What's the most colorful outfit you've worn?


  1. That dress is amazing Lindsey!!! I love it. I think that dress will need to go on my wish list!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! And yes, it's so cute and under $40, such an easy decision for me!

  2. Zara has the cutest pieces! I love your sunnies as well!


    1. Agreed, Briana! It was hard to limit myself to this dress and 1 other item last time I was in Zara, they have too many good things right now!

  3. What size is your dress? And how tall are you?. Kisses :*


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