Put A Bow On It!

January 8, 2019

Anything is better when it is tied up in a bow. It's a simple truth. A gift adorned in wrapping paper? Top with a bow! Shoe laces? Tie them in a bow and you remove a tripping hazard! A ribbon at the end of your braid? A bow is exactly what's needed!

It stands to reason, then, that shirts too would benefit from a little bow action. It's crazy how a long piece of fabric or ribbon can transform the whole style of a clothing item when looped into a bow, but it's so true. A plain white blouse is just that until you add a bow at the neck!

Because I love all things girly and feminine, bows are a staple styling trick of mine. It shouldn't come as much as a surprise for you to learn that this pink blouse I'm wearing was the must-have piece (in my mind, anyway) from Atlantic Pacific's collaboration with Nordstrom. I HAD to have it!

I love how much this top dresses up even the simplest of outfits. It looks just as nice paired with simple blue jeans as it does styled with equally feminine feline prints and sultry suede boots (see below):

Featuring a cameo from Toby

While this exact top is sold out (I actually almost missed out on it completely, but my amazing roomie caught it back in stock on Nordstrom's website and I was able to snag the last one!) I've rounded up a few similar tops that will help you achieve the bow-tiful look. I also found the dress version of this top!

Check out my picks and let me know how you would style your favorite!

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