Dressing Up As The Quarantine Queen For Halloween 2020

October 27, 2020

I'm going to be honest with you, I'm sad that Halloween is basically nonexistent this year. Obviously there are no parties this year, no trick or treating (not that I've done that in ages), no costume contests at bars...as a fashion lover, picking a costume and dressing up for Halloween is so fun because I get to unleash my creativity. In the past I've gone as Ariana Grande, Eleven, and Chanel No. 3 to name a few of my pop culture inspired ensembles. Back in February when I saw Birds of Prey I had already decided that Harley Quinn's iconic caution tape fringe jacket would for sure be my costume...

Of course, that was before coronavirus became widespread. As much as I would have rocked Harley's outfit, let's be real: that is made for a party, so we'll have to save it for some other time.

However, I still wanted to dress up as something, if only to take pictures for the 'gram (and the blog!) so I did some brainstorming and decided it was the perfect occasion to dress up as my favorite Disney princess, Rapunzel!

Locked in a tower, isolated from friends, growing bored of activities, in a kingdom called CORONA!? Hello, could she be any more perfect for this moment? Knowing that I was heading up to our mountain cabin for a week and that the woods outside would make for an iconic backdrop, I found this costume on Amazon, ordered some fake flowers to clip to my hair, and even brought back my Ariana Grande ponytail extension for round two. I knew there was a reason I kept it around!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What's your costume?

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