Friday, I'm In Love: The Hunger Games

March 23, 2012

I know you've probably all heard about The Hunger Games by now, but seriously you guys, it is soooo good. I went at midnight last night and it was fabulous. I do suggest reading the books first but even if you are just a casual viewer you will be able to appreciate the compelling tale of dear Katniss.

For fellow fashion bloggers, you will revel in the neon-hued threads of the Capitol crowd and physics-defying gowns Katniss dons in order to gain sponsors for the horrible Games she is forced to compete in. Katniss herself is a true inspiration and is one of the strongest female characters I have seen in a long time. Critics of Twilight rejoice, we have found the anti-Bella!

Check out some of the sweet clothes in the movie:

District 12 Tribute Escort Effie Trinket's signature color is pink
Flamboyant head wear from the Capitol spectators
Effie loves a good floral accessory, and her eye makeup is fabulous!
Katniss presents herself during her interview as "The Girl on Fire" and her red-hot dress literally spews out flames. Karl Lagerfeld, make this happen!
Even Katniss' training uniform is a perfect inspiration for spring's athletic influences
Wig makers hard at work to get the Capitol crowds en vogue
Some chic Capitol footwear
Katniss' final interview outfit is supposed to be innocent and sweet -but those false eyelashes totally scream BAMF

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