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June 20, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Resort 2014 looks

I've always been a California girl, born and raised in San Diego and now studying in Los Angeles, but recently I've been truly understanding how varied California can be (it is the 3rd largest state and the most populous) in terms of geography, cultural activity, and of course fashion. 

A decade ago most people would define Los Angeles style as glamorous and excessive. Brand names, revealing cuts, lots of gold and jewels. Ten years ago, Paris Hilton reigned supreme. The weekend wear of every Pretty Young Thing was a hot pink terry tracksuit from Juicy Couture. You were no one if you didn't have a Louis Vuitton or Gucci monogram-print leather bag. 

Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez in the early 2000s

Fashion in the celebrity center of the world was about visibility, about letting everyone know that the bag you were sporting was expensive and made by a designer that mattered. Status was everything. And status had to be visible.

But the Hollywood style has changed drastically since 2003. Sure, there are still women who cling to their sexualized bodycon dresses and high slits and designer logos, but the new guard of Hollywood style icons are more laid-back. They wear vintage, no-label items. They don oversized knit sweaters and flowing maxi dresses as freely as they slink into mini dresses. They still show off skin, yes, but that's because it's constantly 75 degrees and we like having our legs bronzed and our faces freckled.

The new Los Angelina (no, not of the Jolie-Pitt variety) wears understated (but still incredibly fashion-forward) clothes from up-and-coming designers that could be from almost anywhere (but anyone who knows anything about clothes knows these outfits still cost a lot of money).

For me, the Rebecca Minkoff presentation represented the new wave of California Style

She is concerned with her appearances and applies her makeup like a pro but doesn't always wear foundation or leaves her hair in messy waves after a trip to Manhattan Beach.

She is concerned with practicality and sustainability. When it's hot she takes off her ombre flannel and ties it around her waist in an organic but incredibly awesome style statement. Sometimes she wears flats, or T shirts - things that look good but also feel good.

She is laid-back without sacrificing her looks, and she knows that you can look amazing without putting painstaking effort into her outfits each morning.

She is not afraid of color. She wears blues as bright as a sunny day and pinks rich as a California sunset. She's not afraid of mixing prints and she never worries that she isn't "matching" because she decides what works for her. She is in control.

There's still a bit of the 2003 version of the Hollywood lady in this girl. She still loves those silly oversized sunglasses and she still appreciates the classic allure of a bodycon dress or a sneak of cleavage. But she'll wear T shirts just as often as mini dresses, and she'll look good either way.


  1. m loving a transparent clutch.. it looks so chic :)
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    1. I'm a big fan of the transparent clutch too! I just worry I'd have to keep everything REALLY tidy haha

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Love this post! Awesome blog :)

    -Krystin Tysire xo


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