October 10, 2013

Rain can be a tricky thing. Just come to Los Angeles, where traffic times are doubled and everyone acts like the sky is falling - isn't it, though? On USC's campus it feels deserted - half of the students just don't show up once the water starts pouring - and no one is quite prepared for this odd discrepancy in the normal 70-degrees-and-sunny weather we are used to. Consider the fact that it was over 90 just this Sunday (yeah, the temperature dropped by thirty degrees, which is crazy in normal circumstances) and we've got a crisis situation.

How does one switch from tank tops and sandals to jackets and boots so quickly? I don't even have all my coats with me here at school, I didn't even consider the fact that it might get - dare I say it - cold until at least Thanksgiving break.

But whether we like it or not, Los Angeles has officially entered into fall, which means we should probably start dressing like it.

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Dressing for bad weather doesn't mean you have to look bad. There are so many ways to rock a coat, and no matter what style you lean towards, you can totally be dressed for rain while also looking amazing!

Personally, I love coats in bright patterns or lighter colors. People tend to lean towards blacks and greys when the clouds get grey, but keeping bright when the weather is not so great can act as an artificial ray of sunshine! I love pairing an oversized coat with black skin-tight jeans and ankle boots, too. It makes you look fabulous and ready to take on the day, no matter the temperature!

casual rainy day
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: TOPSHOP jacket; TOPSHOP scarf; JACK WILLIS backpack; J. CREW socks; MARGARET HOWELL ankle boots; J BRAND jeans; CdG CdG sweater
I've put together a few outfits to show how one can be prepared for the rain in all sorts of situations. Above is a more casual outfit, perfect for classes or weekend errands. Skinny jeans, cozy sweaters, ankle boots, and knit infinity scarves, all bundled up with an army jacket, seem to be the way to go. You are warm and dry from the rain while still looking fashion-forward and put-together. 

My main complaint with people dressing for rain is they tend to forego all fashionability for the comfort of a drab sweatshirt, but there's always a way to protect yourself from the elements while still looking like the stylish lady you are!

dress up for cold weather!
If you are dressing for a more professional setting, you can still layer and keep warm. Tights are my favorite thing in the world, and though I didn't add them to this outfit, simple black tights are a perfect way to pull off a skirt even when temperatures are dipping. All-black accessories with pops of color (in this case, burgundy) keep the outfit polished but not too dreary, and a hat is a great way to look cute and protect your hair from the rain!

And don't forget an umbrella! 

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