Urban Outfitters Holiday 2013 Collection

November 14, 2013

It's pretty safe to say that most holiday collections will feature plenty of sparkle and tulle, but no one has made these glitzy party staples so fun and fresh quite like Urban Outfitters has.

Entitled "Surprise Party", Urban has delivered their usual ironic and hipster touch to sparkly shoes and glittering clutches. Hey, they even have a bedazzled flask thrown in - for the classy lady, of course.

My favorite has to be the Urban Renewal overalls-tulle-skirt combination. I don't know on which occasion such a dress is acceptable (the skirt is classic party attire, but the denim top screams Despicable Me minion) but I have faith that someone is going to buys that dress and absolutely rock it this holiday season - or does the type of person who buys a dress such as that even celebrate such mainstream, consumeristic days?

Burning questions.

Not everything is so whacky, of course. The nail polishes especially, in an array of glitters and sultry winter colors, are pretty tempting. Of course, they are $8 for two bottles, so what's not to love!?

The collection is available here. What are your favorite pieces?


  1. That jeweled clutch is fun for the holidays!



    1. Glad you like it! I need a sparkly party clutch myself, and this guy is definitely a front-runner.

      Thanks for reading!



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