What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving can be a weird holiday, clothing-wise.

It is usually a holiday full of family gatherings, so we desire to dress our best. BUT there is also a lot of food involved, and no one likes a noticeable food baby, so that eliminates a good deal of dresses.

Shift dresses and empire waists were made for Turkey Day. Their loose-fitting structures are perfect for a day of indulgences, and you can wear one of these dresses without fear of looking drab or like you just ate, well, a whole turkey.

Thanksgiving dinners also tend to either be pretty casual family affairs or more dressy occasions with friends, so I've provided two perfect Thanksgiving outfits for whatever style of the holiday you celebrate!

Casual: Sweater | Dress | Boots | Scarf
Not So Casual: Blazer | Dress | Pumps | Clutch | Necklace

Enjoy Thanksgiving, everyone, and don't forget a slice of pumpkin pie!

What are you all planning on wearing to Thanksgiving dinner?

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