American Hustle

February 28, 2014

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The 70s have been on a run these past few years, thanks in part to some of the movies that have come out recently. Argo, the Ben Affleck directed flick about the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979, won the Oscar for Best Picture, and David O'Russell's American Hustle is nominated for the Academy's highest honor - we'll see if it wins this weekend. I was not entirely impressed with either film (too much hype can be a bad thing, I've learned) but I was enthralled by the costumes and the style of the decade.

The 70s were indeed a tumultuous decade full of scandal and strife (Argo) but also extravagance and glamour (American Hustle). Revolution was everywhere, whether it was a country fighting for independence or women fighting for equal rights. The 70s were loud and full of liberation, and the clothes were as wild and ever-changing as the times.

And it's no shock that with a recent cinematic fascination with the decade a resurgence in fashion trends from the 70s has come about. Halter tops, shearling coats and jackets, silk neck ties, patchwork denim, aviators...there's no end to the inspiration.

Coach's first-ever ready-to-wear collection felt like an experiment in 70s-revival, with an earthy color palette and enough tan suede and fringe to costume the cast of That 70s Show. Miuccia Prada blended the 1930s Weimar Republic and the 1970s for her fall collection at Prada. The geometric prints and fire engine red furs were bold enough for Amy Adam's character in American Hustle to fawn over, surely.

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