The #1 Fall Staple

October 3, 2014

Image Source: Style Du Monde
It's October 3rd (On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. It's October 3rd). The smell of pumpkin spices wafts through the air and girls everywhere are preparing their loose-knit sweaters and infinity scarves for the moment that the leaves start to change and they can instagram nature at its most beautiful. Yes, it seems that fall is officially upon us.

Here in Los Angeles there aren't many trees that fade into oranges and reds before the winter, and sweater weather is still a long ways away–its supposed to be in the 90s all weekend, after all–but still there is a part of me, even, that waits with anticipation for the seasons to change, because the beginning of fall means one thing for me: boots.

I love boots. Flat boots, heeled boots, long boots, short boots, black boots, brown boots. Call me the Dr. Seuss of close-toed footwear. Boots are actually great. And the best part is, with the right styling tools you can wear them long before the mercury dips below 60 (which is as cold as it will ever get here in southern California anyways).

What styles am I most fond of for 2014, you may ask? My current pick is the over-the-knee boot, a tricky style that when worn right makes any outfit look sultry and sexy. I always think of a chic Soviet spy in a James Bond movie, a femme fatale in skin-tight black suede boots that hit at mid-thigh, with a sliver of skin showing between the top of her boot and her black silk cocktail dress. But I digress.

The main point is, over-the-knee boots have the power to make you look really, really cool, so if there is one boot to invest in this fall/winter, make it this style.

Here are some of my favorite over-the-knee boots to shop from:

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