Top Ten 'Game of Thrones' Fashion Moments

April 10, 2015

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Season Five of everyone's favorite bloody, sexy, intense fantasy series premieres this Sunday on HBO, and yours truly is so excited. Over the past four years I've grown incredibly attached to the characters of Game of Thrones (a dangerous thing to do, as you Stark family fans probably know) and I cannot wait to see what characters like Sansa, Tyrion, and Jon Snow get up to next. I even miss the more villainous characters of the show, like Cersei and Littlefinger. And, let's be real, I just cannot wait for the moment that Dany and her dragons finally tear up King's Landing like a mother of dragons should. 

If you don't have time for a full recap of all the politics and deaths, I'm counting down the top 10 fashion moments from the TV series (and you know, the costumes are just as important as any important plot points). So sit back and revel in the cool fantastical fashions that we all wish were back in style.

*Warning: there could be spoilers ahead. You've been warned*

10. Daenerys's Utilitarian Look

She may be a Khaleesi but Daenerys has a lot to do before she's ready to take Westeros back for the Targaryen name. While she's taking over cities and commanding an army of Unsullied (not to mention three very pesky adolescent dragons) she's going to need a more utilitarian look. Her blue tunic is functional and beautiful—brings out the blue in her eyes!—and I'm pretty sure she's wearing skinny jeans. Dany is going to bring Westeros into the 21st century.

9. The Sculptural Dress that Would Make Rei Kawakubo Weep

The introduction of Margaery Tyrell in Season Two was a welcome one; I'm always excited to see new characters on Game of Thrones, especially when they are chic ladies from Highgarden. This look from Margaery was medieval high fashion at its finest, and I knew from that moment on that we had a true game player on our hands (and a well-dressed one at that).

8. Arya's Disguise

Talk about committing to a look. Arya's been wandering around Westeros disguised as a boy ever since season one and she's really rocked the outfit (seriously, she's been wearing the same thing for three years. Hopefully she has a good dry-cleaning service!) but I must say I am excited to see her wear some new threads in Braavos (see her new outfit here, where she sports on-trend mini buns and a fanny pack).

7. Ellaria Sand Arrives at King's Landing

I was excited to meet the people of Dorne in Season Four, and Ellaria Sand (lover of Prince Obyren Martell) did not disappoint! Dressed in sun-kissed oranges and golds that went along with the Martell sigil of a spear-pierced sun, Ellaria is never afraid of defying the trends at King's Landing and showing up fashion heavyweights like Cersei Lannister. Her daring looks (seriously, have you ever seen such awesome headwear?) were a breath of fresh air.

6. The Purple Wedding

We knew that the Purple Wedding was going to be extravagant, but my did it exceed my expectations! Margaery's wedding dress featured a train of fabric roses (roses are the symbol of the Tyrells) and it was just a beautiful piece of Game of Thrones fashion. Even Joffrey was looking dapper in a gold brocade ensemble! There are worst last outfits.

5. The Red Woman Takes Her Name Literally

Melisandre—also known as the Red Woman—may be a little too much of an overzealous religious fanatic for my liking, but the lady does know how to dress the part. From her fiery locks to every piece of fabric, Melisandre is all about the color red. Her crimson outfits always stand out from the dreary landscape, and she knows how to make an entrance like the best of them.

4. Brienne of Tarth Defies Gender Norms

When we were introduced to the Lady Brienne of Tarth I was so excited. This was a badass lady who could hang with the best knights in Westeros and fight bears all while in fierce armor, and she has no time for your medieval misogyny. She's stunningly beautiful but can cut you—quite literally—and after a while of wearing mismatched armor she finally has a custom-made look so she can look as badass as she is.

3. Cersei Lannister Makes the Case for Dramatic Sleeves

TBH, Cersei is the baddest bitch in Westeros. She's manipulative and sometimes plain evil, but the girl sure makes being bad look pretty good. We already know she's quite the trendsetter—remember when Sansa styled her hair to match Cersei's in an attempt to woo Joffrey (ugh, simpler times)—and with Lannister money and the title of queen, Cersei has no shortage of resources at her disposal, allowing for some truly decadent fashion looks. Her signatures? Dramatic bell sleeves, bright red and gold (the Lannister colors),  and the coolest twisted braided updos I've ever seen. Basically, we all want to look like her.

2. Sansa's Transformation into Alayne Stone

This was basically the Game of Thrones equivalent to Sandy's makeover at the end of Grease. Sansa's one of my favorite characters because she starts the series as a naïve teenager but—through many hardships—grows up and learns how to play the game like the best of 'em. When she emerged from the staircase in this badass all-black ensemble of raven feathers, I knew this girl was finally a full-on BAMF.

1. Daenerys Targaryen's Everything 

If I could steal the wardrobe of one character on the show, it would be Daenerys's. She's perfected the easy, breezy dress and always looks both regal and terrifyingly tough. Just the way the Mother of Dragons should. She's proof that you can rock pastels and still be the most dangerous girl around and I am so excited to see what she wears next. Plus, if her on-point eyebrows haven't inspired you to recognize the importance of eyebrow game, I don't know what will.

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones fashionista?

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