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July 18, 2016

Wearing Talula for Aritzia dress

That red lip classic.

First things first, wow, I did not realize this weekend would be the Official Bashing of Taylor Swift weekend and omg (to quote a certain Yeezus) "that shit CRAY". But let's ignore the drama for now and focus on the clothing, shall we? Don't worry, I'm working on another post regarding the whole ordeal as we speak, or, as you read.

Taylor Swift has been known to go through different style phases, and after a while of experimenting with edgier fashions she has appeared to revert back to her usual style of red lips, cute frocks, and prim handbags. Yeah, there's also plenty of drama over her relationship, but let's save that talk for the tabloids and focus instead on how to get her truly adorable style.

There are several steps to attaining ultimate T-Swift style, so follow along and you will never go out of style either!

1. Know where to shop.

Wearing Reformation dress
One thing I love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she wears a variety of brands and some of them are actually decently affordable for the average person! One of her favorite stores? The Reformation, aka the source of her cute frocks and sun dresses. 

2. Find that perfect shade of lipstick

Would Taylor Swift really be Taylor Swift without her signature red lip? She dedicated a whole album to her lipstick, after all! Okay, that may or may not have been the inspiration for Red, but she's got a thing for a crimson pout, so pucker up!

3. Pick a proper purse.

The proper placement of a purse, according to Taylor Swift, is in the crook of the elbow, so it's important to find a handbag with a stiff top handle that can be toted around on the forearm. Here are my recommendations:

4. Surround yourself with fashionable friends.

Famous friends include Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, and Karlie Kloss
Swift's squad is a phenomenon in and of itself. From supermodels to A-list celebs to childhood besties, Taylor Swift knows how to keep good company. Not only do they come together for Pinterest-worthy 4th of July parties and create a bazillion adorable Instagrams together, but they also serve as style inspiration for Swift. You didn't think T-Swift heard about Vetements on her own, did you? 

5. Accessorize with a handsome movie star.

Wearing Reformation two-piece
Okay, truth be told, I was obsessed with Tayvin so I'm sad they're broken up (or are they?) but I will admit that Hiddleswift makes for a cute couple too, albeit quickly-moving one. And their world tour romance gives Taylor plenty of opportunities to show off her newest outfits. So go ahead, find your nearest Marvel movie star and reel him in for optimum photo opportunities. 

Shop Taylor-Approved Pieces:

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift's classic style?

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