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July 13, 2016

Tibi Sofie feathered flats via S Magazine

The smartest-looking shoes around

If your style tends towards that of the sculptural minimalist, then no doubt you're a fan of Tibi. The contemporary brand is always a favorite of bloggers—that one off-the-shoulder top has been everywhere—but as of late it's Tibi's shoes that are blowing up.

From fur-covered loafers and slides to modern boots and sandals, I am totally obsessed with all the Tibi shoes right now. They're statement-makers without being over-the-top, and as someone who physically cannot wear super high heels, I love the fact that they make low heels totally stylish. For summer, the furry sandals are a must-have, and for fall, there are plenty of cool boots to choose from. The hardest part is deciding which ones!

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Which pair is your favorite?

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