Coats of Every Color

December 16, 2016

An outerwear rainbow via J. Crew

When the weather is gray, bring the color!

I've been told that it's quite cold in most of the country right now. It's raining here in Los Angeles so I feel your pain. This time of year, in the dead of winter, it's easy to make like the gloomy weather and stick to dull grays and somber blacks, but I have a challenge for you: combat the dreary weather with a colorful coat! 

I'm a firm believer in the idea that how you dress can affect your mood. It's why I never wear sweatpants in public (they make me feel sloppy and half-dressed) and why I dress up when I'm feeling under the weather. It may be a placebo effect, but dressing the part always helps me feel better.

Similarly, wearing bright colors on a cloudy day is an easy way to cheer yourself (as well as others) up and combat things like Seasonal Affective Disorder, so I've gathered up a rainbow of coats to keep you in a colorful mood during the winter!

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What's your trick for keeping spirits bright during winter?

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