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December 12, 2016

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For a fresh new year

We're all pretty much ready for 2016 to be over. Luckily, the color experts at Pantone are already looking to 2017, and they have an optimistic view for the new year.

Each year, Pantone picks the Color of the Year, aka the hue that will reign supreme over our lives (and Instagram feeds) for the next 365 days. Last year it was the duo of Rose Quartz (aka Tumblr pink) and Serenity (a pretty periwinkle), and the year before that it was the rustic Marsala.

For this upcoming year, Pantone is looking on the bright side of things, with Greenery selected as 2017's color. A vibrant green with a yellowish tinge, Greenery couldn't be further from the pastel hues that reigned supreme this year, but it's just the cheery color we need to face 2017. Pantone describes the color as symbolizing freshness, nature, and a new start, and I think after the bummer year of 2016, we could all use a new start.

Greenery is already in your life, though you may not know it: it's the color of the matcha you drink, the succulents you keep in cute pots, the avocados you spread on toast.

While I like the color and what it represents, in terms of fashion, it's a tricky hue to wear. It's not the universally-flattering Kelly green, nor the luxe emerald, but a yellow-tinted green that people with pink undertones may find tricky to pull off. I think the color works best for accessories, when you want to add a bold pop of color to your outfit. Otherwise, I've selected some clothes that are approximately the shade so that you can rock green no matter what!

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Will you be rocking Greenery in the New Year?

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