February 13, 2017

Jason Wu Fall 2017 via Vogue

It's time for everyone's favorite week!

New York Fashion Week is off and running, with dozens of fresh Fall 2017 collections already unveiled. From up-and-coming designers to some of the biggest names in American fashion, there have been some stunning collections, so let's talk about the highlights so far!

Calvin Klein

Let's start off with the most anticipated runway show of NYFW, shall we? Raf Simons is in at Calvin Klein following a stint at Christian Dior, and his first big womenswear collection did not disappoint. The minimalist ethos of the CK brand fits perfectly with Simons' penchant for clean lines and bold colors, and his time working with haute couture has given him a whole new appreciation for shape and detail.

For fall, Simons gave a new vision for the working woman, featuring boxy blazers, knit pencil skirts, and some interesting cutouts that may not be entirely work-appropriate. There were also a few translucent shift dresses adorned with feathers, perfect for a fashionable night out, but my favorite look had to be the marigold fur coat covered in plastic. Finally, a solution to wearing luxurious furs in the rain!


With the street style set continually gravitating towards exaggerated silhouettes, wild sleeves, and dramatic proportions, it's not that shocking to see designers capitalize on that popularity. At ADEAM, head designer Hanako Maeda presented lovely collection full of asymmetrical cuts, skirts over pants, and on-trend corset detailing.

The gothic lolitas of Harajuku style were her main inspiration, and it's easy to see how that translated to the clothes themselves. Dark lips, plenty of black, and Victorian accents all featured heavily, but as I said, these clothes are wearable and adaptable; the Harajuku girl without the costume. As someone who has been fascinated with Harajuku style for a long time but a bit scared to attempt it myself, I love Maeda's modern approach to the look.

Jason Wu

When I saw that gorgeous red coat dress, I immediately thought of the "New Look" and Dior's iconic bar suits. Is Jason Wu the twenty-first century, American Christian Dior? With a collection like this, full of elegant dresses and sleek suits, it certainly feels that way. Jason Wu knows how to dress women, and this collection further cemented his status as one of the premiere American designers.

This collection also featured some of the emerging trends of Fall 2017: that rich marigold yellow has been everywhere, and so have chainmail-like dresses. Wu creates classic clothes, but he also pays attention to trends. He doesn't overdo it, but I love the way he acknowledges current fads (fishnets, tied shoes, mini purses, etc.) without ever losing sight of his signature style. 

Cinq à Sept

If I could only wear clothes from one collection this season, Cinq à Sept's would be an early contender. The label is only a few years old, but already Cinq à Sept is one of the most coveted labels in contemporary wear. The focus on evening and event wear gives the brand structure, and I'm totally obsessed with the unique but achievable styling from this collection.

Like ADEAM, Cinq à Sept is feeling the lolita vibes. Dark lips and slip dresses with corset details feel straight out of a 90s flick, and kimono silks and wraps reference the Harajuku influence. 

I love when a collection can balance wearable and aspirational, as this one does. I can see myself wearing the denim corset dress and ruffle sweater combo to a party downtown, or the embroidered army jacket and velvet culottes to an Arts District brewery, but these outfits are also incredibly stylish. It's a great middle point, and exactly what contemporary brands should be aiming for.

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Which collection has been your favorite so far?

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