My Christmas Wish List

December 4, 2017

It's the holiday season, and you know what that means: gift guide time!

I'm sharing my personal wish list of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items that are at the top of my Christmas list. Like any good Fashion Barbie venture, I've got a lot of pretty pink pieces on my mind, but with a healthy dose of high fashion rocker pieces like a faux leopard fur coat and the trendiest hat style of the moment.

Check out my wish list below, and don't forget to share what YOU'RE wishing for in the comments!

I am in love with the charming illustration on this T-shirt. Yes, $690 is a splurge for a cotton shirt, but hey, it's Gucci!

Every winter I dream of adding a leopard coat to my collection, so this might be the year it actually happens

You can never have too many mod-inspired skirts

Work-appropriate shoes with an edge

Can you guess that I'm a bit obsessed with Gucci at the moment? A girl can't help it!

I am not throwing away my seeing Hamilton while it's in LA and/or San Diego!

So I can take aesthetically-pleasing Polaroids and have an adorable flat lay prop, obviously

The fisherman cap is one of the trendiest accessories around and lately I've become more and more of a hat person

How cozy does this sweater look? I saw someone on Instagram wearing it and automatically tracked it down

Yes, I do get a lot of makeup for free at work, but I'm obsessed with ColourPop and their long lasting lippie sticks

I have officially succumbed to the LA Cult of Reformation; their clothes are incredible! 

Because I can always do a better job of staying organized. Plus: stickers!

I'm in desperate need of a carry-on suitcase, and how can I say no to one that's in millennial pink?

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What's on your wish list?

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