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April 18, 2018

If you live in LA and you consider yourself mildly cool (and even if you aren't either of those things) you need an army jacket. There's no better cool yet casual jacket style, and there are so many chic versions out there!

Take this jacket for example: I picked it up at Ralph Lauren when I won a fabulous shopping spree there (I know, how exciting! Be prepared to see a lot of Ralph Lauren pieces on the blog!) and I just love it so much. Not only is it perfectly oversized and just the right shade of green, but it has all these fun patches and embroidery pieces that add a whole new level.

My favorite part: the back of the jacket, that features an embroidered tiger and eagle in a beautiful botanical setting. It reminds me of Japanese watercolors that I studied during college, and I think the tiger is absolutely fierce! This jacket makes me feel like a badass, and to be quite honest, I like feeling that way.

So if you don't have one of these jackets in your closet already (or if you just want to add another one to your collection), keep scrolling to see some of my suggestions!


Via Spiga sandals

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