How I Find New Places To Shop Online

May 24, 2020

All dressed up!

Even while staying home and limiting time outside, my love for fashion and getting dressed up hasn't gone away! True, I've been wearing more T-shirts and leggings than usual, but I've also been donning dresses and playing with makeup to take some fun at-home photos and brighten my mood.
That being said, I've been online shopping more than ever before and wanted to share a few tips I have on how I discover new brands and places to shop online. With literally thousands of e-commerce sites out there (and new ones popping up each day!) online shopping can be an overwhelming experience, but I've found a few ways to discover new clothes and places.

Transparency note: I use affiliate links and may make a commission off of link clicks and purchases.

1. Influencer Recommendations

I follow certain influencers for a reason; their style and creativity inspires me, and I trust their opinions and recommendations when it comes to finding new clothes. I've discovered countless new brands through product tags, brands that I never would have heard of if it weren't for Instagram. With Jean and Lirika Matoshi are two of my recent favorite finds that I discovered through influencers I follow. 

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2. Browsing Online Catalogues + Edits

Some of my favorite sites like Revolve and Shopbop have an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, so I love looking at their curated edits to see the trending items and on-the-rise brands that their buyers love. Beyond your favorite online retailers, there are so many online catalogues you can use to discover new brands and shop online, including buy now pay later online catalogues. These are good options for affordable shopping, since you can split the payment up over time.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best discovery tools out there when it comes to finding new places to shop, so don't overlook it if you are in need of new ideas! Not only is the app full of inspirational photos and swoon-worthy style ideas, but they've also stepped up their shopping functionality so you can often browse and shop for items directly on the app. Pinterest can even share "similar items" to photos you bring up, so even browsing an inspirational photo could lead you to discover a new, shoppable style.

4. ShopStyle

If you read my last post on finding the best online deals, you'll know that I love using ShopStyle to compare and price check the same items at different retailers. It is also a super powerful search discovery tool that I use constantly for both work stories and personal life! ShopStyle's search function is best for when I know what I'm looking for (for example, a red dress) but not sure where to go from there. You can simply type in "red dress" and boom, thousands of results will appear! I'll usually set price limits, but you can refine by different categories and subcategories, colors, retailers, and so on. Seriously, it's the best.


And those are the secrets to my online shopping successes! Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite tips are for discovering new brands and e-commerce sites online.

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