let me be your national anthem

June 20, 2012

One of my favorite holidays, the 4th of July, is just around the corner. I love finding the perfect red white and blue ensemble to rock while biking to the parade, hopping from barbeque to barbeque, and watching fireworks. Here are some fabulous patriotic picks for those of you still looking for perfect Americana pieces. 

all images from net-a-porter.com


  1. Every time I see red/white/blue clothing and accessories I think of that quote from Legally Blonde 2 where Paulette tells Ell she looks like the 4th of July and it makes her want a hot dog real bad. LOL! I had planned to rock the red/white/blue Jeffrey Campbell Litas this 4th of July but I feel like they are too big and chunky to wear being almost 8 months pregnant.
    Ashley from isoldmycookiecutter.com

    1. Ah, Legally Blonde, what a great movie. Although I must say I decided that I will never watch the sequel. I don't want it to spoil how fabulous the first movie was.

      And red white and blue Litas! I love it! Though maybe you should save them for next year. I imagine they may be uncomfortable in general, let alone being eight months pregnant! And congratulations!



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