working overtime

June 14, 2012

Summer equals endless amounts of free time, and I plan to use each and every minute of the approximately 68 days I have left until move-in day wisely. As nice as vegging out is for a day or two, I get upset if I go too long without productivity. And my, what a productive first full week of summer it has been! 

Above, the unfinished bodice to my newest project, the Sally dress. I found this fabric a while back in LA and I love the nautical stripes with flamingo pink. The original plan for this dress was to have a double-breasted design -you might notice in the above picture that one side of the bodice actually overlaps the other- but the row of buttons down the middle looked so perfect that I decided to go in that direction. Funny how things change from illustration to pattern to sewn piece.

Below, the finished result. Gathered skirt with a one-inch band at the bottom to give the skirt some more weight. I went with three buttons -even numbers are always nice! Now all I need to do is sew on the zipper and I'll have a brand new summer frock!

What productive -or not productive- things have you done this summer?

(images taken on my iPhone 4S and edited with instagram)

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  1. pink and black! love the wide straps!

    like pink lemonade with a touch of sophistication -

    good stuff



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