Around the World in 53 Looks

July 7, 2013

It seems Raf Simons has started to settle into the rhythm of things at the Christian Dior house, and his third haute couture collection for the esteemed French fashion house stands as a fabulous example of Simon's talents as a designer and interpretor of the Dior aesthetic.

He took for his inspiration different world cultures, hence the initial unrelatedness of it all. Perhaps an easy answer to explain all the jumping around, but the more I study this presentation the more I do identify the influences of world cultures.

I think Raf has presented a couture collection that is a combination of his own talents and the traditional Dior style, a difficult feat for designers working at such established brands with well-known looks.

And while Raf's collections may lack the theatricality of a Galliano show, I think he has finally gotten comfortable experimenting with form and textile in a way that is new and refreshing, like a couture show should be.

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