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July 23, 2013

Versace Fall 2013 Couture makes the midriff glam and the loose-knit sweater a work of art

Once upon a time, sweaters were created to keep people warm during cold winter months. Essentially some person way back when eyed the fluffy, wonderfully-insulated sheep and enviously tried to make him or herself just as warm and cozy as the sheep with its warm wool - and thus, the sweater was born. Or something like that.

But society has evolved a lot since the first days of wool-based clothing and clothing is no longer about just stayin' alive (currently listening to this and had to put it in there, it seemed just too fitting) but about self-expression and fashion! and all that. We have evolved and live luxurious lives compared to the lives of our forefathers, and now we wear sweaters that look cool, not ones that keep us warm.

Phillip Lim keeps it short & sweet with his lacy sweaters

You may not know this, but cropped tops are kind of a thing right now. Especially during the summer, nothing seems to be more popular right now than baring your midriff and flaunting your fabulous toned abs. 

But summer is a fleeting season, destined to end quicker than we want it to, and soon fall will spread over the lands and cause the leaves to change colors and the temperature to drop and the crop-top hipster girls will have to fold away their belly-baring T-shirts and simply await the return of spring, right? WRONG! 

For fall, the cropped top takes the form of the more seasonally-appropriate cropped sweater, so don't stop the ab-work yet. And the looser-knit the short sweater is, the better. Like, it should look like a kindergartener made it. Or a Mulleavy sister. And if it's hand-dyed and spun from golden fleece and costs over three-thousand dollars you win at life. Just don't yet your cat near it.

 Case in point: spider-web-like knits from Rodarte's Fall 2008 show

But Lindsey, you may say as you read this, full of confusion, cropped tops don't make sense when its so cold outside. I need something more substantial.

Well, my friend, luckily I live in Southern California where it never gets too unbearable. But I say suck it up. We have evolved to wear clothes out of style and how cool they look, not how comfortable or insulated we are, right? That's what heating systems are for. And it's not like you wear this look when its below freezing temperature and snowing. But if you are yearning for a crop top to sport during winter, this is your chance. 

Alexander Wang and Free People have fabulous options for those of you daring enough to try this trend

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