Girl Crush: Holland Roden

July 27, 2013

Roll your eyes at my trashy teen-scifi-drama-watching ways, but I am totally obsessed with MTV's Teen Wolf. It's got everything: romance, mystery, drama, magic, plenty of shirtless men...and my personal favorite, Lydia Martin.

You wouldn't think that MTV (a network I usually associate with Jersey Shore and Lauren Conrad) would be responsible for creating one of the best Queen Bee characters since Blair Waldorf (God how I miss that show) but Teen Wolf's Lydia is absolutely fabulous. When you first meet Lydia, she seems to be your typical High School Popular Girl, complete with fabulous wardrobe, lacrosse team captain boyfriend, and less popular boys pining all over her. Another mean girl to serve as some snarky comic relief and the object of the loyal sidekick's affections.

But then you find out Lydia is like, smart, like really smart, genius IQ level smart. And suddenly she's not just helping BFF Allison pick out dresses for the winter formal, she's helping the gang solve murder mysteries and creating awesome chemical concoctions to fight back against werewolf villans.

All while looking seriously fabulous and never losing her Queen Bee sass. Oh, and she might be a druid/witch/some sort of awesome magical being, so I keep hoping she can wear super awesome witchy clothes mixed with her Chloe handbags.

The actress behind Lydia Martin, Holland Roden, is just as cool as her on-screen persona. She seems really sweet and has a fabulous sense of style. Her clothes are fun, fresh, and youthful, and don't even get me started on those fabulous strawberry tresses.

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