How to Be the Best Intern Ever

December 30, 2013

In the world of fashion, the perfect internship can be the key to getting closer to your dream job in the industry. But the work doesn't end when you hear back from an employer that you've snatched the position - you've got to bring it each and every day! 

I'm starting a new internship in the spring, so call me the new LC and listen up if you are in the same boat - these tips will make you totally stand out as an above-and-beyond intern.

  1. Pocket Notebook & Pen: As an intern, you are going to be busy and dealing with multiple tasks each day. Jot down all details in a pocket notebook so you don't have to bother your boss when you forget an hour later. Plus, people will notice your attention to detail. NOTEBOOK | PEN
  2. Travel Coffee Mug: I hated all forms of coffee beverages until college, when I learned that sometimes that extra caffeine kick is the only thing that will power you through Friday classes. Plus, nothing makes you feel more like an adult than showing up to work with coffee mug in hand. MUG
  3. Sleek Carry-All: A school backpack just won't do when you are working in an office environment. Make sure you have a smart tote bag (leather is always nice!) that can fit your laptop, notebook, and other necessities. BAG
  4. Cute, Comfortable Shoes: Interns are often moving around a lot. Especially with an internship in fashion, expect to be on your feet a lot. So unless you're heading into a meeting with Anna Wintour, go for simple ballet flats or loafers. FLATS
  5. Back-Up Makeup: Make sure your look is fresh all day long and keep concealer, lipstick, etc. in your bag in case you need a touch-up or two. MAKEUP KIT
  6. Organized Planner: If you are interning during the school year like I'll be doing, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with work and school and social events. Keep organized with a daily planner - I prefer the Lilly Pulitzer AGENDAS (they feature colorful designs and stickers!!!) and keep everything color-coded.
  7. Perfect Power Dress: Find a dress that makes you look like a million bucks (but that is still office-appropriate) and work it! (I'll be doing another post with more internship outfit ideas soon). DRESS
  8. Smartphone & Charger: You probably never leave home without it, but don't forget your phone! Make sure it's loaded with necessary apps (a reliable GPS, for example) and bring a charger too! IPHONE CASE
  9. Watch: Punctuality is key to being a successful intern. If you don't want to look like you're checking Facebook every 5 minutes on your phone, invest in a stylish watch - think of it as a bracelet with a practical purpose! WATCH

Stay tuned for a post on what to wear to your internship (or office job in general) in the next week!

What are your tips for being a successful intern?

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