The Girls of 2013 - No. 10

December 2, 2013

all images from zimbio

Catching Fire has been a critical and economic success so far, and Lionsgate has been advertising the film nonstop (the other day, I saw Hunger Games-inspired Burger King and CoverGirl ads; seriously, it's everywhere). On Wednesday night I took advantage of being at home for Thanksgiving and being able to veg out on E! without judgment and saw the woman behind the sassy District Seven tribute, Johanna Mason, on Chelsea Lately

She was hilarious, witty, smart, and best of all, she had fabulous style. I'm a big fan of Jena's sleek straight bob with deep side part, and I love the way she can wear feminine fit-and-flare dresses and minimalist shapes alike.

Jena can rock a frock (or a romper, when the occasion calls for it) like no other, but her acting chops are just as impressive as her fierce sense of style. Jena absolutely killed it as Johanna - she had me both laughing and crying.

And next year, Jena is slated to appear in a few big flicks, including Inherent Vice with Owen Wilson, Amy Adams, Josh Brolin (and a handful of other big-name stars) and Lonely Hunter, a film about a 1940s female author living in the South - not to mention Mockingjay, set for release in 2015.

Certainly not the last we have seen of Miss Malone!

And remember to stay tuned for the other nine It Girls of 2013!

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