The Girls of 2013 - No. 7

December 12, 2013

When you get constant comparisons to Mariah Carey, you know you're dealing with a star.

Ariana Grande burst onto the music scene this year with her hit single "The Way" featuring Mac Miller and has become a household name in a very short matter of time. Grande got her start out on Nickelodeon's Victorious (and subsequent spin-off Sam & Cat) but the teenage songstress truly shines when she is belting out the high notes.

Currently you can listen to Grande's four new Christmas songs, including her original "Snow in California" - which is adorable, because it makes me think of the Disney Channel Original Movie The Ultimate Christmas Present and then I get all excited for the (im)possibility of snow in Los Angeles.

Grande's fashion sense is just as sultry and sweet as her music. She's a big fan of full skirts, floral prints, and candy colors. There's a bit of a vintage vibe going on, but Grande always appears fresh and up-to-date, rather than stuffy and old-fashioned.

She also has a signature half-up/half-down hairstyle - I'd love to see something a little different once and a while, but if it ain't broke I guess there's no need to fix it!

2013 has been a tremendous success for Ariana, and there's no doubt that her hot streak will continue on straight into the new year.

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