Derek Lam Spring 2015: Seventies Forever

September 8, 2014

Cool-toned suedes reigned supreme at Derek Lam
If fashion must remain invested in a singular decade, I guess I would rather it be the seventies than any other ten-year span from the twentieth century. And it seems that for spring this may very well be the case, as designers have continued to display motifs of the turbulent and trendy decade that first appeared in fall shows. Derek Lam is one such designer who continues to explore the seventies for his spring 2015 collection, and while it may feel like a bit of deja vu at New York Fashion Week (this piece perfectly sums up the overwhelming sense of familiarity and sameness–blandness, even–of runway collections this season) it's hard to deny that Lam has presented a new take on the style of the seventies while updating it for the modern woman.

Cool hues of purples and blues dominated the clothes, while intertwined with the earthy neutrals most associated with the decade. There was a deep emphasis on stitchwork, highlighted by patchwork pieces and visible stitches on coats and dresses.

Some looks seemed period-piece like, as if they were pulled from the set of American Hustle, but later looks took a less literal spin on the styles of the seventies, using form and shape to suggest inspiration, rather than simply appearing as modern replicas.

The addition of royal purples and rich blues also added a new layer to the collection. The style of the seventies seems to be so deeply intertwined with the feeling of "Americana" (take a glance at any blue-jean-centric editorial from the past few issues of popular fashion magazines) but these very wealthy colors are usually not part of the typical seventies wardrobe. The unexpected colors make these looks upscale and bring them into the twenty-first century, getting richer and more vibrant as the looks go on and then transforming into the epitome of stylish color combinations, black and white.

Sure, we may be getting bored of the continued fascination with the seventies, but when Lam does it so well and with creative innovation it's hard to get upset.

What did you think of Derek Lam's latest collection? What are your thoughts on NYFW so far?

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