The Most Fashionable Halloween Costumes

October 14, 2015

The Chanels on Fox's Scream Queens
Halloween is coming up and obviously you want to be best-dressed at the Halloween party. Here are the best—and most fashionable—costumes to rock this year!

Taylor Swift and her "Bad Blood" Girl Gang

Got a tight-knit group of girlfriends that rivals the epicness of Taylor Swift's infamous #Squad? Then bust out the leather and badass attitude by dressing up as T-Swift & Co. as the characters from the "Bad Blood" music video. Bonus points if you encounter another badass girl gang and get into a fierce cat fight just like Tay and Selenerz (a fake fight, of course!)

The Chanels

Another one of the hottest cliques around? The Chanels! Basically the 2015 version of the Plastics (with just the right amount of Heathers deviousness) these queens of Kappa Kappa Tau are the coolest girls around. Load yourself up with feathers and furs, all done up in pastels. Everyone should wear KKT tees, and then create variations on each outfit from there. One of you can wear earmuffs (Chanel #3) one can load yourself up in pearls (Chanel #5) and one can wear oversized sunglasses, a fur coat, and call all the shots (Chanel #1 aka Chanel Oberlin). Just watch out for the Red Devil!

The Countess

If Ryan Murphy shows are your thing but you're more glam diva than sorority queen, perhaps go as the already iconic Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel played by the fabulous Lady Gaga. Luxury is the Countess's game, so adorn yourself in silk and lace and make sure you are dripping in jewels. The costume isn't complete without her signature razor-sharp gloves, but maybe keep from getting into any murderous foursomes for the evening.

Mindy and Danny

Looking for a TV show costume that's cute and not as creepy? Everyone's favorite fashionable OB/GYN Mindy Lahiri is always a hit costume! Load up on colors and prints from fun brands like Kate Spade and Alice + Olivia, then throw a doctor's coat over so people know you are serious. If you want to make it a couple costume, have your BF dress as Danny in his doctor uniform, and don't forget the red glasses!

Kimmy Schmidt

Another adorable television-themed costume? Kimmy Schmidt from the amazing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Throw on a sunny yellow cardigan and don't forget your light-up sneakers! This costume is for the grown woman who is still a kid at heart.

Gender-Swapped Edward and Bella

In more recent news, Twilight celebrated its 10th anniversary with a surprise gender-swapped retelling of the original book. To commemorate this great literary achievement (lol) you and your boyfriend or any male friend should dress up as gender-swapped Edward and Bella...I mean, Edythe and Beaufort? Seriously, those were the best names? Whatever, your friends will get a hoot.

Ariana Grande and her Donut

Celebrity costumes are always fun, so why not go as Ariana Grande and the infamous donut she licked? You and a friend can go in on this costume together, with one of you donning Ariana's iconic half-up ponytail and the other dressing as a delicious donut.

Miley Cyrus

When all else fails, go as Miley. Wear anything resembling a Jeremy Scott creation and stick your tongue out a lot. A LOT. You're golden, and probably the life of the party. Bonus points if someone dressed up as Nicki Minaj keeps asking you, "What's good?"

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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