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October 28, 2015

Courtney Trop of Always Judging is wearing Veda jacket, AG x Alexa Chung T-shirt, Objects Without Meaning flare jeans, and Maison Margiela sandals  

How a California cool girl styles fall's hottest coat

Courtney Trop of the blog Always Judging is one of my favorite sources of fashion inspiration. She's the epitome of cool, relaxed dressing, but always adds fun and unexpected touches to her looks. Take this take on the long suede coat, for example: the rich green hue is a fresh take on suede, and I love how she pairs it with a classic T-shirt and jeans combo. Throw in a pair of edgy snakeskin sandals, and you've got yourself a perfect fall outfit. 

Living somewhere a bit colder than forever-70° southern California? Switch out the sandals for pointed chelsea boots, swap the T-shirt for a turtleneck sweater, and top off with a wide-brim hat.

Get the Look:

What do you think about Courtney Trop's outfit?


  1. Oooo I've never heard of her blog before! Definitely checking it out now! Not sure when she's been wearing that coat though...I haven't worn a jacket in like half a year!


    1. Glad I got to introduce you to her! She's one of my faves. And idk but I did finally wear a sweater today for the first time in forever so perhaps suede coats will be practical soon! (???)

      Thanks for reading!


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