Trending | Bolos, Chokers, and Wraps (Oh My!)

June 29, 2016


That's right, chokers and bolos are totally trending.

If the bandana was the neck-based trend of 2015, then the choker is the 2016 version. Your fave 90s accessory is back in full swing thanks to the approval of style influencers around the world. Everyone from Aimee Song to Gigi Hadid has been rocking tightly-wrapped necklaces lately. The choker trend has even branched out to include bolos, wraps, and lariats.

For a truly fashionable style statement, stick to black fabric (velvet and leather, especially) and silver or gold details. For chic, celeb-approved necklaces, check out Fallon or Vanessa Mooney (or scroll below to see plenty of options to shop!)

In terms of styling advice, I love chokers and bolos with an off-the-shoulder top; it keeps your decolletage from looking completely naked. Chokers also look great with dainty silk tank tops and camis, and lariats pair perfectly with V-neck tops and dresses.

Check out more ways to style these trendy necklaces:
Gigi Hadid via Celebrity Hive

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