The Lonely Hearts Club

February 14, 2012

What I enjoy most about Valentine's Day is not the excessive romantic lovey-dovey-ness but rather the fact that I can wear as much pink as I want without being judged -not that that really stops me any other day of the year. Still, it is nice to be able to outwardly flaunt my rose-colored clothes without people gawking at me like I'm some kind of My Little Pony.

J. Crew button-down and skirt
Anthropologie sunglasses
Steve Madden boots
Ann Taylor leopard skinny belt 

And because I love you, my fabulous readers so much, I have made a collection of fashion-centric Valentine's Day cards that I'm surprised Hallmark didn't already pick up! Haha. They are totally cringe-worthy (they were made on MS Paint, after all) but hopefully someone gets a good laugh out of them.

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