This Side of Paradise

February 9, 2012

Dress by Juicy Couture
BCBGirl Wedges
Fiveloaves Twofish Headband
Betsey Johnson Bracelet

Because I've been in love with everything 20s for the past year, I nearly died when I laid eyes upon this fabulous Juicy drop-waist tennis dress last week at Nordstrom. It was love at first sight, and so I went all out in a flapper-inspired getup and channeled my inner Zelda Fitzgerald. 

The 20s have forever been known as a decade-long party, so it is hard not to be wishing to travel back to that era a la Gil from Midnight in Paris. But I guess he learns that it is better to enjoy the present, so I will have to settle for a good Hemingway book -or, for that matter, a book about Hemingway and his first wife that I happen to be reading right now, called The Paris Wife. I still plan to keep the 20s tradition alive and become an American expat in Paris, of course, because no matter what decade we live in there is no place like that city. But my, in the 20s with Chanel at her height and a mecca of literary geniuses!? 

One can only dream.

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