Shopping List | Sassy Swimwear

May 9, 2016

Want to make all your summer vacations Insta-worthy? Slip on a sassy one-piece with a cute saying. T-shirt brand Private Party started the trend with their cool swimsuits, but other brands have jumped on board to make sure everyone can get those likes.

Check out some ways people have styled their Private Party swimsuits on Instagram, then shop the coolest ones below!

Shop Wordy One-Pieces:


  1. Ah I need these for my holiday! x

  2. I'm loving this swimwear trend, too! It has such a '90s, Baywatch, feel to it with the high v-cut and I love the cute, sassy sayings, so cute! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful start to your Monday so far, girlie!




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